Carotkut (com.death)

A lot has changed since I started my career. Learning a lot. Can do anything, nowdays I tinker around Jetpack compose and internals of it. Explore my projects at github.


I have many projects on github, I doubt any of them is complete, and some of them are just named, just like every other android dev, we have alot of ideas, but will not build them.


I write blog whenever I have free time, in order to pass on the knowledge I have gained from the community


I publish videos on YouTube, I wish to make it a regular thing but it is difficult with the time I have. You can always go an checkout the content, In those videos I mostly talk about making Android and iOS applications


I have read some books this year and 3-4 books I want to wrap within next 3-4 months, the books I have read so far are Practical JetPack Compose , Jetpack Compose Internals, India that is Bharat.